The Basic Blackjack Strategy of Card Counting

The game of blackjack has the element of giving its player the advantage of playing against a lower house edge with a good strategy. Most casino games have the house advantage to play against and blackjack together with poker has the lowest house advantage to play against once the player knows how to skillfully play the game.

Because blackjack strategy is required in order to enjoy better profit from a game of blackjack, there are several methods by which a blackjack player can employ in order to have an advantage play over the casino's house edge.

The card counting system is a common blackjack strategy used by majority of blackjack gamblers. The blackjack strategy on card counting provides a mathematical approach with the probability theory that is applied when reading the player's chances of winning.

It does not require a blackjack player to be a math whiz in order to employ the blackjack strategy on card counting. The card counting system provides a simple technique that can be used as an effective blackjack strategy that can relatively influence the winning chances of a player such as making the most appropriate hand decisions to make.

Through the blackjack strategy of the card counting system the player has a way of keeping track the values of the remaining cards left on the deck. The ideal of using the card counting system is to monitor the balance of the high and low cards from the diminishing deck of cards.

It is believed that card counting is an effective blackjack strategy that can bring the house advantage down to 0.5%. The principle involved with the card counting system is to keep track of the remaining cards on the deck. Once the deck is rich in high cards such as cards with values of 10 to ace the player has higher chances of winning. With more low cards remaining on the deck the player has lower chances of winning.

The remaining deck that is rich in low cards favors the dealer while the deck with high cards is more favorable to the player. Cards with the face value are high cards while cards from 6 and below are considered low. Neutral cards are 7, 8 and 9.

The blackjack strategy involved in card counting will be to increase one's bet as one finds more high cards left on the deck and to bet less if more low cards value are determined to be left on the deck.

This blackjack strategy on card counting is a system that is legally used by blackjack players as it determines the player's future chances of winning by determining whether the remaining cards on the deck is favorable on their hands or not.