Speaking Blackjact Language

New blackjack players, welcome! Blackjack is a game that when learned can earn you lots of cash. First you need to know how to play the game and learn a few tips. Aside from the basic rules in blackjack it is important to learn how to speak the blackjack language.

Listed below are some helpful terminologies that you will encounter in playing blackjack. Learn those words so you can be like a professional blackjack player.

a) Blackjack - aside from being the name of the game, this is also being called to cards that is first given to you by the dealer that could be a 10 or an Ace plus.

b) Burn card - this specifically refers to the cards that are taken by the dealer from the top of the deck of cards that was shuffled. It can be one or more card, it is discard on a tray facing downward.

c) Bust - is how a player or dealer is called if he or she got a card value of more than 21.

d) Card counter - this is a strategy by the player that involves counting of cards that were already dealt. This attempt is to gain advantage against the dealer.

e) Cold Streak - this is how a player or dealer is being called if he or she is losing the game many times in a row.

f) Comps - this is short for complimentary. This complimentary are given to valuable and loyal customer by the casino. It can be a free hotel, free food or free items. This is also a way of attracting more players.

g) Cut card - after the deck has been shuffled by the dealer a player will receive one colored card which is made of plastic to cut the cards in half.

h) Double down - this refers to the player's bet, it means the bet was doubled. But the player will agree that he or she will accept one card as additional only.

i) Hit - if a player wants an additional card it means that the player hits.

j) Hole card - this refers to the dealer's card that is dealt facing downward.

k) Hot streak - hot is the opposite of cold, so it means that this is referred to the dealer or player that wins blackjack many times in a row.

l) Insurance - if the dealer showed the players that he or she got an Ace players can ask for insurance. This is a side bet to make sure that he will still have an insurance bet.

m) Marker - if the player got no more cash this is what he does. This is an "IOU" kind of thing that a player ask for credit.

n) Odds - this is how you call your chances from the game you are in to. Whether it is a bad chance or a good chance.

o) Pit - is the name of the place or an area which gaming tables were located.

p) Pit Boss - this is how a supervisor is called.

q) Shill - this is like an undercover. But not as a police but as a player that mingles with other players. It is an employee of the casino. However, Shill became rare now a days.

r) Shoe - is the thing that holds the cards. It is run by an electricity that deal cards to players by sliding out single cards.

s) Soft hand - this is how an Ace is called. The reason behind this is that an Ace is a flexible card because it can be use as a value of 1 or a value of 10.

t) Split - if the player receives two identical cards he or she has an option of splitting it or separating it and becomes two different hands.

u) Stand - this is a situation where the player is contented with his or her cards on hand.