The ABC's of Blackjack

Blackjack is one game that always attracts much attention in any circle. Blackjack Is seen as a game wherein it is imperative that one dress up for it and play the stakes as high as they can. This in turn has prompted many people to try their luck in finding loopholes in the game and get an unfair edge.

Some people justify their cheating as means to an end. It is seen as a very pardonable sin and perhaps while others find it a disgrace publicly, others would applaud it privately. Indeed, it is a lucrative and very enticing sport to get into. This is why many newbies into the sport opt to play this game as their first choice. It is clearly a game wherein the most cunning player survives, not the wealthiest.

One should not fret if one does not know the game very well. There are a lot of ways one can learn how to play and also can fit in one's budget. Players should not be intimidated by the sheer number of players for it would not be a good sport to get into if it did not have any following. As long as one can remember the basic rules, then one is good to go.

First rule in blackjack: the aim is to beat the dealer, not the other players. many think that players play against each other. On the contrary, since the casino hold the pot, one should play against the holder of the pot. In order to beat the dealer, one has to get a hand or count of not over 21 but closest to it to win.

It may seem like a very simple rule but there are lot of implications to it. This is where the strategies all pile up. One should be upfront with the dealer and state they would want to play in the game. One should not be nervous when doing this for it signifies that you are a straight on player and would want to play cleanly (or so it might seem). It also assures the pit boss that you are one player that may bring them even more money.

One should also be as courteous as possible and not try any rude behavior or try any cheap acts to get friendly with the dealer or get the best cards. They will not work. It has been tried often enough and more often than not it is something that simply will not work. One should follow the rules of play to see where one can take the edge. Yes, gentleman playing does win some brownie points.

If you are the wishy washy type, sit away from the dealer towards their left side. This allows you to see the odds as they build up towards your end of the table and it also lets you decide what form of play to mount. Sitting closer to the dealer means that one has a very confident hand and is a veteran of the game.

In the end, it is common courtesy that forms the foundation of a good blackjack player.